Living Legend Powerful Friend

Biblical Theme: Jesus is a powerful hero
Children will discover that Jesus has power over nature, power over sickness and power over death. He is no ordinary guy. The winds and storms stop at his command. He makes sick people well and even raises the dead. Because of Jesus' power, greater than any supehero, he has the right to our allegience and worship. He is also a friend who listens, a friend who cares and accepts, and will be with us always.

Stylistic Theme: Super Heroes
Through physical and creative challenges, children's will test their abilities. Their limitations will contrast with Jesus' great power. On video, sports heroes will tell of their faith in Jesus and stories of great heroes from the past will enrich and encourage children to put their trust in Jesus.

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Mission Weeks 1-3

Week 1 : Jesus has Power over Nature

Mark 4:35-41
Songs, games, challenges and stories tied together by a great video to discover that Jesus has great power, even over natural phenomena.

Week 2 : Jesus has Power over Sickness

Matthew 9:1-8; Mark 2:1-12
Through the wild and wacky puppets Waffle and Speedhump, children discover Jesus is a unique person, better than any superhero.

Week 3 : Jesus has Power over Death

John 11:1-43
Ultimate power belongs to Jesus as he raises Lazarus from death.

Discipling Weeks 4-6

Week 4 : A Friend who Listens

Luke 18:35-43
In small groups children will discover the kindness of Jesus with blind Bartimaeus.

Week 5 : A Friend who Cares

Mark 6:30-44
At one point Jesus fed 5,000 people.

Week 6 : A Friend who Accepts

Luke 19:1-10
Zacchaeus discovered that Jesus will accept even the not-so-nice people.

Ministry Weeks 7-9

  • Banner Making
  • Drama Photography
  • Science Experiments
  • Making Music

  • Oasis Celebration Week 10

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